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I feel it is important to make myself available to the media not only because it helps communicate science to the general public but also because it boosts scientific impact.

Selected Interviews, Appearances, and Research Coverage in the Popular Media (last updated fall 2018)

How Hurricane Florence could harm migrating birds, sea turtles, oysters. National Geographic September 2018.

Rattle battle: male rattlesnakes filmed wrestling for dominance in California. Earthtouch August 2018.

Natural Georgia: trading snake stories with a world-class herpetologist. Savannah Morning News August 2018.

Scientist Interview. The Wild Report (link below) August 2018

Wildlife safety guidelines: a primer for outdoor enthusiasts. RootsRated July 2018.

GOOP recommends a ‘sacred snake ceremony’ for better sex. Dr. Jen Gunter July 2018.

Snake and sea turtle conservation with Dr. David Steen. All Creatures Podcast July 2018.

Snake climbs brick wall (and reminds us of an old mobile-phone game). Earth Touch June 2018.

Sea turtle center educational piece of Jekyll Island. The Brunswick News June 2018.

Are humans to blame for the extinction of this ancient gibbon species? Mashable June 2018.

Rattlesnake bites a kayaker in South Carolina. The Washington Post June 2018.

iNaturalist Observation of the Week. June 2018.

Guy does nicest thing for little frog clinging to his car. The Dodo May 2018.

Man rolls down car window to save squirrel tree frog from certain death. Reptiles Magazine May 2018.

Tigers and Polar Bears get nothing from capitalism. Earther May 2018.

This man rescued a tiny tree frog from his car and it’s surprisingly cute. May 2018,

The internet asks, “Does It Fart?” and science answers. NPR Science Friday April 2018.

Birds don’t fart, neither do sloths, and other secrets of #DoesItFart. The Verge March 2018.

Snakes that eat other snakes could help birds in the south. Audubon Magazine March 2018.

Intruding tourists disrupt basking in the Indian rock python. Mongabay-India March 2018.

#ThisEatsThat highlights the totally weird shit animals eat. Earther February 2018.

This study with plastic birds and drones is science at its best. Earther February 2018.

Herpetology with David Steen. Ologies Podcast January 2018.

Watch someone discover an enormous, panicking lizard in their kitchen. Motherboard January 2018.

Meet the animals that probably went extinct in 2017. Mashable December 2017.

The 10 best science hashtags of 2017. LiveScience December 2017.

From American cockroaches to zebras, new book answers ‘Does it Fart?‘. LiveScience December 2017.

Maps of where bison, elk and cougars use to roam America will blow your damn mind. BroBible December 2017.

Should you really be keeping a pet reptile? Earther November 2017.

Herper of the Week: David Steen, Ph.D. Gone Froggin November 2017.

Hundreds of dead sea turtles floating near El Salvador, no one knows why. Inverse November 2017.

Cottonmouth combat: snake rivals wrestle for dominance. Earth Touch News November 2017.

National Parks’ proposed fee increase would address maintenance backlog. Washington Post October 2017.

For the love of rattlesnakes, scrub all GPS data from your nature photos. Motherboard October 2017.

10 great science hashtag games you can play. Cool Green Science (The Nature Conservancy) October 2017.

What’s in a question? The Hindu Business Line October 2017.

Can the internet save snakes? Sierra Magazine September 2017.

In wake of relentless hurricane season, wildlife is exhausted, disoriented, and vulnerable. Earther September 2017.

Great horned owl vs gopher snake produces a surprising victor. Earth Touch September 2017.

The bright side of dark snakes. Biotechniques September 2017.

Copperheads in Alabama: how to spot snakes that bit 4 kids in 8 days. September 2017.

Harvey is also displacing snakes, fire ants and gators. The Washington Post August 2017.

Taylor Swift snake teasers: third video reveals face. Billboard August 2017.

Taylor Swift’s snake teaser videos: experts discuss meaning. Billboard August 2017.

Herpetologists: animal in new Taylor Swift video isn’t a snake. Inverse August 2017.

Living Alongside Wildlife – Herpetology spotlight. Reptile Apartment August 2017.

Watch two snakes try to swallow the same bird. National Geographic August 2017.

Paradise regained. The Nature Conservancy August 2017.

Are snakes dangerous? BBC Live Radio interview July 2017.

Snakes alive! Roadtreking Podcast interview July 2017.

Can you tell the difference in a venomous cottonmouth and a harmless water snake? July 2017.

This $10 sex toy is helping scientists study turtles. The Washington Post July 2017.

Fake alert: snakes can’t devour deer in seconds. Earth Touch July 2017.

First Indigo Snake reintroduction in Florida in 30 years. The Nature Conservancy July 2017.

Everyone needs to chill out about rising snake bite rates. Inverse July 2017.

Road to Table? Auburn University biology professor talks pros and cons of eating roadkill. June 2017.

Is it OK to eat roadkill? It’s now legal in more states. Newsweek June 2017.

Surprise encounter with a cottonmouth snake in open water. Earth Touch June 2017.

Here are the worst smells in the world, according to scientists. The Verge June 2017.
Also featured in Daily Mail, Inverse, AOL

Ring around the tegu’s leg. NatureServe June 2017.

SciComm Monday Interview June 2017 (below).

A reptile expert explains that epic regurgitating-snake video. The Washington Post June 2017.

How grizzlies, monarchs, and even fish benefit from U.S. highways. Ensia May 2017.

With animal farts and singing mice, Twitter’s scientists introduce themselves. The Verge May 2017.

Why a bunch of scientists are heckling Bill Nye with #BillMeetScienceTwitter. Forbes May 2017.

Because Science. Wisconsin Public Radio May 2017.

Please look at these turtles, Wolf Blitzer. Atlas Obscura May 2017.

Wolf Blitzer, a man of simple and pure tastes, loves turtles. Mashable May 2017.

Snake sightings are up, but experts say just leave them alone. Alexander City Outlook May 2017.

Saving salamanders over a pint. OnEarth May 2017.

10 women making their mark in science. Mother Nature Network May 2017.

Brewing for beasts: beer companies raise money for conservation organizations. Beer Advocate April 2017.

Thousands of rattlesnakes are being killed in cruel contests. The Dodo April 2017.

Raucous orgies speed up aging in male snakes. National Geographic April 2017.

Super snake orgies are causing male snakes to die younger. Motherboard April 2017.

Science pub: drinking to save a species. The Auburn Plainsman February 2017.

Drink a beer, save a species. WLTZ February 2017.


Auburn University’s Museum of Natural History and Red Clay Brewery partner to save rare snake. Opelika-Auburn News February 2017.

Using Twitter hashtags for science education. American Scientist February 2017.

When science outreach means tweeting carcass photos. The Verge February 2017.

Is the Endangered Species Act working? Mother Nature Network February 2017.

Orange-hued alligator spotted in South Carolina. Live Science February 2017.

Actual Living Scientist coverage February 2017.
Huffington Post
The Verge

The Jay Thomas Show. SIRIUSXM Radio February 2017.

Unverified ‘alternative’ government accounts target Trump on Twitter. CNN January 2017.

‘Rogue’ government Twitter accounts should verify themselves. January 2017.

Can species be saved without the Endangered Species Act? Motherboard January 2017.

Interview with Dr. David Steen. The Freethink Tank January 2017.

Massive alligator caught on video is not a hoax. National Geographic January 2017.

Do animals fart? January 2017
Washington Post
Popular Science
The Telegraph
Huffpost UK
Daily Mail Online
IFL Science

Huge invasive python kills alligator in Florida preserve. Earth Touch January 2017.

ECOVIEWS: What did we lose to extinction in 2016? Tuscaloosa News January 2017.

When it comes to making babies, New York’s threatened rattlesnakes take their time. Earth Touch January 2017.

This place is spending $4.5 million to kill cougars and bears. The Dodo December 2016.

Don’t drain the swamp, #ReignTheSwamp. TakePart December 2016.

#ReignTheSwamp: scientists defend swamps against Trump. Motherboard December 2016.

Human behaviour: find your voice. Nature 540:157-159.

A woman went for a walk and saw a brand-new snake behaviour. BBC Earth September 2016 (adapted for CNET).

Cottonmouth vs. Copperhead: watch first mating duel seen in the wild. National Geographic September 2016.

Cottonmouth vs. copperhead: here’s why this unusual snake battle is one for the books. Earth Touch September 2016.

Viper vs. Viper! Never-before-seen combat recorded. Live Science September 2016.

Trump’s wall would be hell for animals, too. The Dodo September 2016.

323 reindeer killed by lightning – is this rare from a science perspective? Forbes August 2016.

Maine town transfixed by ‘Wessie’, a 10-foot python reportedly on the loose. Washington Post August 2016.

To save an endangered fox, humans turned its home into a war zone. Wired August 2016.

Education can help ebb fear of common snakes. Auburn Villager July 2016.

Scientists love Pokemon Go too. Motherboard July 2016.

Pokemon Go’s unexpected consequences. CNBC July 2016.

How to give an alligator CPR, if it comes to that. Washington Post July 2016.

Pokemon Go players are finding real animals while searching for digital ones. LA Times July 2016.

Deadly snake rodeos: how are they still a thing? NRDC June 2016.

Should wild animals that attack people be killed? Washington Post June 2016.

14 animals that smell like snack foods. Mother Nature Network June 2016.

How to avoid an alligator attack. Time Magazine June 2016.

Alligators in Florida. Brian Lilley Show CFRA Radio June 2016.

Sharing Florida with alligators. Gormley News Talk 650 CKOM June 2016.

Living with alligators. Arlene Bynon Show SiriusXM June 2016.

Hide and seek. Auburn University Journey Magazine. June 2016.

Island rattlesnake colony gives small-town Massachusetts jitters. New York Times May 2016.

Snakes, sensitive to vibrations, to be housed at Busch Gardens Cobra’s Curse ride. Tampa Bay Times May 2016.

The problem with pythons. bioGraphic April 2016.

Group: stop collecting wild snakes. Andalusia Star News April 2016.

8 wilderness rules that are actually myths. Backpacker March 2016.

Florida is measuring its invasive python problem by the ton. Mother Nature Network March 2016.

How to kill thousands of rattlesnakes in just four days. The Washington Post March 2016.

Plan to release hundreds of rattlesnakes on island isn’t flawed the way you think it is. Inverse February 2016.

Saving a snake. Neighbors – Farmers Federation February 2016.

Snake Hunt. Popular Science February 2016.

Hunters descend on southern Florida for annual python hunt. Vice News February 2016.

Cave-dwelling giant tortoises are a big surprise. National Geographic February 2016.

Productive python challenge moves into homestretch. NBC February 2016.

Take 5 with David Steen. Auburn University January 2016.

Auburn professor competes to remove invasive pythons. WSFA News January 2016.

Is this viral photo of a coyote-constricting snake real or fake? Earth Touch January 2016.

Auburn biologist seeking invasive Burmese Pythons in Everglades competition. Auburn University January 2016.

Why snakes’ biggest defenders are in favor of killing them. Motherboard January 2016.

Florida’s second Everglades python hunt expected to bring hundreds of hunters. Tampa Bay Times January 2016.

Weather Geeks: Animals and Weather. The Weather Channel December 2015.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 10.46.31 PM

As if flooding isn’t bad enough, here come the snakes. December 2015.

Can you survive a cold night in an animal carcass? Slate December 2015.

How can you tell if turtles are teenagers? Nerdist December 2015.

No, it’s not actually called a murder of crows. Audubon Magazine December 2015.

Rock your Research Podcast. November 2015 (iTunes).

This week in really bad ideas: Indonesia’s ‘croc-guarded’ prison. Earth Touch November 2015.

Cougars may spread to U.S. midwest within decades. National Geographic November 2015.

Professor discusses reptile reactions to climate on The Weather Channel. The Auburn Plainsman November 2015.

Man bites snake, news at 11. OnEarth November 2015.

When is a copperhead not a copperhead? When it’s a harmless water snake, scientist says. November 2015.

Western hognose snake shows us how good it is at faking death. Earth Touch October 2015.

No, Californians, venomous El Nino snakes are not going to kill you. Mother Jones October 2015.

New fungal disease a threat to snakes in eastern states, including Georgia. Online Athens October 2015.

We talked to an ecologist about the ethics of owning a Horned Lizard. Motherboard October 2015.

Watch this lizard ride a mech suit into battle. Motherboard October 2015.

Something terrifying may be lurking in the South Carolina flood waters. Tech Insider October 2015.

Feeding the trolls with #TrollScienceFacts. Daily Kos October 2015.

Brazilian TV star learns that, indeed, this anaconda don’t want none. Azul October 2015.

If at first you don’t succeed, tweet it. Nature September 2015.

Biologists are tweeting photos of cute animals in a #CuteOff and it’s the cutest. Buzzfeed September 2015.

People are science-ing the crap out of famous movie lines. Buzzfeed August 2015. See also Los Angeles Times, and Daily Flick.

Biologists are posting animal genitalia to Twitter, and it’s a wonder to behold. Fusion August 2015. See also, The, Daily Orbit, A Plus

Playing with Snakes with Dr. David Steen. Breaking Bio Podcast August 2015.

China zoo takes in rare two-headed cobra. Earth Touch August 2015.

23 times science went terribly, terribly wrong. BuzzFeed July 2015. See also The Washington PostGood Magazine, and The Daily Dot.

A mysterious infection is killing the snakes of the eastern US. Conservation Magazine July 2015. Also covered in Smithsonian.

Mother rabbit goes berserk on snake attacking her babies. The Dodo June 2015.

Meet Dr. David Steen, the man saving snakes on Twitter. Inverse June 2015.

Watch your step: warmer weather waking up snakes. The News Courier June 2015.

Snakes of Alabama: how to identify all 50 species. Birmingham News June 2015.

Snakes infest house in Maryland-How did it happen? National Geographic June 2015.

Snakes of Mountain Brook: Talk of copperheads dominates popular Facebook group. Birmingham News June 2015.

The best biologist on Twitter. Slate May 2015.

Is exotic diet giving giant tortoises a boost in Galapagos? National Geographic May 2015.

Fact or fiction? Test your knowledge about snakes. LiveScience April 2015.

Interview with herptile expert David Steen. Animal Cognition April 2015.

8-foot-long carnivorous cat-eating lizards are invading Florida. Business Insider April 2015.

Saving a species, one snake at a time. Earth Touch News Network March 2015.

Madison County mountain lion? Facebook post shares photo of mystery mammal from New Market. Huntsville Times March 2015.

Dave Steen on Indigo Snakes, conservation, and turtle CPR. The Wild Life with Jason Goldman podcast. March 2015.

Python invasion? Civilian ‘python’ patrols’ are probably not the solution. Earth Touch February 2015.

Cruel ’roundup’ contest gets the slap down it deserves. The Dodo January 2015.

Exclusive: which bear is the Charmin Bear? The Dodo January 2015.

Indigo Snakes reintroduced to Alabama wildlife. Eagle Eye TV segment. January 2015.

Watch a tortoise rescue another in distress-was it trying to help? National Geographic December 2014.

Force-feeding a human to a snake is not science (and is also super dumb). Washington Post December 2014.

‘Eaten Alive’ tweet-cap: the Discovery special swallows Twitter. Yahoo TV December 2014.

Seriously, F Discovery and its ‘Eaten Alive’ by an anaconda show. i09 December 2014.

No one was actually eaten on Discovery Channel last night. Vox (with video) December 2014.

“Eaten Alive” fails spectacularly from every angle. Salon December 2014.

Twitter mocks ‘misleading’ Discovery show with #EatenAlive spoofs. Metro December 2014.

Faculty investigates non native lizards. Auburn Plainsman December 2014.

Lizard species being monitored at Auburn Univ. could cause problems for the state. WSFA news (also with TV segment) November 2014.

Eagle Eye News for the week of 11/17/14. Eagle Eye News live TV segment November 2014.

Auburn researchers investigate potential invasion of large, predatory lizards. Auburn University homepage (with video and elsewhere) November 2014.

Dear Discovery Channel: a man getting eaten alive by an anaconda isn’t educational. Slate November 2014.

Discovery’s ‘Eaten Alive’: 5 reasons why you can’t get an anaconda to eat you. Earth Touch News November 2014.

Performing CPR on a turtle and debunking swamp myths. National Geographic Weekend Radio October 2014.

Salamander shindig appears on front doorstep, shocks homeowner. The Dodo October 2014.

Kickboxing kangaroos and four of nature’s most impressive fighters. National Geographic October 2014.

Researcher saves turtle with mouth-to-mouth procedure. The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson (Fox News) October 2014.

Would you give a turtle mouth-to-mouth? This guy did. Earth Touch October 2014.

Off the Scale. Smart Enough to Know Better Podcast October 2014.

Fish and eels team up to catch prey-rare among animals. National Geographic September 2014

Fast-thinking biologist saves drowned turtle with mouth-to-mouth. The Dodo September 2014

The boa constrictor that bit Nicki Minaj’s backup dancer is not an accessory. The Dodo August 2014

Female turtles “talk” to their hatchlings, scientists discover. National Geographic August 2014

Discovery Channel’s ‘Shark Week’ gets flak from scientists for selling fact as fiction. International Business Times August 2014

64 conservationists you should be following on Twitter right now. The Dodo July 2014. Later covered by the New York Times

Man finds snake in toilet on bathroom break from hell. Huffington Post July 2014

Good snakes vs. bad snakes. Slate June 2014

Don’t look down-you’re probably swimming with a dinosaur. Take Part June 2014

Why snakes aren’t so scary. VetStreet June 2014

Georgia copperhead populations rise as kingsnake populations decline. Reptiles Magazine March 2014

Herpetologist unsure of snake study. Atlanta Journal-Constitution February 2014

South losing kingsnakes gaining copperheads. Augusta Chronicle February 2014

Anger as first shake killed in Western Australia’s controversial cull program. Australian Associated Press January 2014

The Michelangelo Signorile Show. Sirius XM Radio interview January 2014

Anaconda invasion? OnEarth Magazine November 2013

Turtles flourishing in golf course ponds. National Geographic July 2013

To survive, all these turtles need is cash. Miami Herald August 2011

Eco-friendly Marco charter school site teeming with gopher tortoises. Naples Daily News January 2011

Expert: snake could have climbed door. United Press International December 2010

Monster rattlesnake discovery has people talking. Live 5 News, Charleston South Carolina September 2010

Biologists weigh in on snake debate: snake expert says it’s a black rat snake. Sauk Centre Herald August 2010

Roads may skew turtle sex ratios. Conservation Magazine July 2008.

Turtles don’t do well in the fast lane. Tennessean June 2007

More cars, more turtle deaths. Rutland Herald May 2005

Turtles in Decline. Syracuse Post-Standard November 2004

Traffic threatens turtle species, study concludes. Reptiles Magazine May 2003