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Moccasin Woods Animal Refuge

Moccasin Woods Animal Refuge is a Florida non-profit providing help, homes, or habitats for wild and domestic animals in need of care or attention. Our 8+ acres is Certified Wildlife Habitat, a Gopher Tortoise Friendly Yard, and we plant natives to Bring Back the Pollinators.


Two Florida Box Turtles live a semi-wild life in a large outdoor enclosure on Moccasin Woods. In 2021, these turtles were found with six others abandoned in a chicken coop behind a foreclosed house. Our 150 pound Sulcata roams throughout a fenced pasture of over an acre; he disperses seeds and his burrow provides refuge for wildlife, analogous to the behavior of tortoises in the genus Hesperotestudo, once ranging through much of North America.


We are studying the box turtles in and around the property to learn how many live here as well as their preferred habits. We use walking surveys and camera traps to document the biodiversity of flora and fauna on our north-central Florida property. From orchids to fireflies and rattlesnakes, our growing list will help us understand how the species in our area are responding to our ongoing restoration efforts.

Ecological Restoration

We believe the historic forest of this region was pine-dominated open woodland. Today we remove exotic and invasive species, reduce dense underbrush and laurel oaks, and plant native species. Browsing and grazing animals reduce our dependence on chemicals while managing weedy growth. Currently only our Sulcata Tortoise is chipping in on this initiative, but we hope to incorporate goats.

Animals Available for Adoption

None at this time.

How to Help

Thank you for helping us maintain a high standard of care for the animals taking sanctuary on Moccasin Woods.

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